Ad Infinitum by Kris Vervaeke

Ad Infinitum by Kris Vervaeke

“Vervaeka, a contemporary photographer, documents the eerily beautiful portraits adorning Hong Kong’s cemeteries, as natural elements drive the images further and further into abstraction. “The images of black-and-white faces, having braved exposure to rain, sun and extreme temperatures, gain an ethereal glow as time eats away at them. As the faces fade into anonymity, their bodies fade into nature and the world beyond.” The ghostly photos capture a peculiar location, at once a burial site and a portal to the world beyond, a house of death that is meant to remind us of life.” – source

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For most of us, outside of any immediate family we have, we won’t be remembered much when we are dead. Our belongings we had no one will care about, someone else will have them, we’ll be just a statistic of life. The only thing that you have is the present moment, and a responsibility to yourself to make your life meaningful.

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