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Gentlemen of Fortune (Джентльмены удачи)

Today my wife and I watched the film Gentlemen of Fortune (Джентльмены удачи). It was our first film by Aleksandr Sery (Александр Серый).

I noticed in one of the scenes there was a painting on the wall – an imitation of Ivan Shishkin’s (Ivan Shishkin) Morning in a Pine Forest (Утро в сосновом лесу).

The film has a catchy sound track and one of the songs is “Проснись и пой”. I really like the songs in soviet films they are often quite catchy and fun.

My favorite recording that I’ve heard is by Larisa Mondrus (Лариса Мондрус). (One of my favorite songs by her is: Может нет, а может да.)

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