Tucker Carlson interviews Mark McCloskey

McCloskey Persuasion Review | Coffee With Scott Adams

“Some of the best persuasion techniques I have ever seen, and he was REALLY good…If you are interested in persuasion, listen to Mark McCloskey use visual story persuasion, contrast, pacing, social proof, and more. Incredibly talented.”

I’ve been listening to the Coffee With Scott Adams podcast for over two years, and it is not an exaggeration to say it is life changing. I’ve learned how to live better and to think better. 

Some of the most common themes he consistently discusses is the skill of persuasion, the power of systems over goals, and the ‘reframing’ of current events and events in your life.

Tucker Carlson interviews Mark McCloskey

Scott breaks down the interview where McCloskey is being interviewed by Tucker Carlson. Scott points out the brilliant persuasion skills McCloskey demonstrated. I’ve transcribed the key points which Scott highlighted in his podcast episode 1057. (I’ve tried to transcribe as accurately as possible – any errors are my own. Quotations have been edited in some cases for clarity.)

In this interview Tucker Carlson interviews the St. Louis couple who defended their home, had their rifle seized, are facing indictment and have become memes – for defending themselves from an approaching leftist mob of rioters on their private property.

Scott’s Persuasion Lessons

Be aware of your opening message – which sets the tone and the initial reaction your audience will have. 

Be visual –  tell it as a story which people can imagine – like a movie playing in their heads of the order of events that happened easy to easy, easy to remember and easy to follow along.

If you sound defensive you sound less persuasive. 

“If you sound defensive you sound less persuasive. Listen to McCloskey talk and you don’t see anything defensive sounding. It is a defense. I mean he is defending himself but it doesn’t sound defensive. He is simply taking. Now if you can pull that off, if you could pull off the ‘I’m simply describing things confidently and with a smile that says I’m in control’…it convinces you that the speaker knows what they’re talking about and is credible and is more persuasive”.

Mistake – trying to persuade people with your attitude not with your words. – i.e getting worked up shocked, emotional, overly emotive. These are things which feel compelling when you’re doing it but they’re not very persuasive.

Watch the video to see the above points seamlessly woven into a short but powerful example of expertly applied persuasion skills.

If you want to learn more about persuasion regularly, you should definitely listen to Coffee With Scott Adams podcast.

I hope you learned something. Persuasion is all around – always influencing us. There are many examples of good persuasion in the course of our day – to learn from and implement in our lives.

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