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Nasal Breathing: Best Books & Resources | 2021

Just as sleep is something that most people take for granted and assume that they know how to do correctly, so is the case with breathing. At the forefront of this scientific snowball gaining momentum are researchers, scientists, and authors helping us to reconnect with our autonomic nervous systems in ways that many of us didn’t know was possible, but which have been known and practiced by hunter gatherers and ancient cultures as a daily part of their lives.

Breathing affects everything from our heart-rate, to our insulin blood levels, to our mental health, and even organ health. In hunter gatherer society’s they have no crooked teeth and nor is sleep apnea (a condition that millions suffer from and die from each year) an issue.

Our modern lifestyles, ways of eating, and breathing (bottle feeding, soft food, and mouth breathing) are exacerbating the heath epidemic that plagues modern humans despite the luxuries of modern life, and hundreds of years of modern medicine. We are living in the dark when it comes to breathing and even our sleep (a separate – but related – topic). Nasal breathing has an incredible amount of historical proof, and increasing evidence. It is not a cure for every disease or condition but will improve your life.

I’ve been immersing myself in the research of nasal breathing and listening to interviews with some of the prominent authors and researchers in this field. I’ve been implementing nasal breathing in my own life. Below are my recommended books and interviews to learn about nasal breathing.


Breath, James NestorThe Oxygen Advantage, Patrick McKeown


Here are some of my favorite interviews on nasal breathing.

Breathing Tips for Better Sleep, Exercise Performance & Reduced Stress w/ James Nestor

Mark Bell’s Power Project EP. 482 – SHUT YOUR MOUTH ft. Brian Mackenzie

Change Your Breath, Change Your Life – James Nestor | Modern Wisdom Podcast 350

The power of your breath with world-renowned breathing expert Patrick McKeown

Mouth Breathing Problems & Snoring w/ Dr. Mark Burhenne

How Breathing Through Your Nose Will Change Your Life with Patrick McKeown

Mouth Breathing Problems & Tips to Solve w/ Sarah Hornsby

Breathwork Deep Dive: Breath Holds & CO2 Tolerance Training w/ Patrick McKeown

Anxiety, Panic Disorder, ​and Depression – Patrick McKeown

Mark Bell’s Power Project EP. 200 – Patrick McKeown

James Nestor – JRE #1506



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