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Podcasts for Powerlifters 2021 | My Favorites and Recommendations

This post contains a compilation of my favourite podcasts for powerlifters. They are not all powerlifting-specific (some of strength-focused), but they all benefit powerlifting training.

These are my favourite podcasts as a powerlifter. They are not all about powerlifting specifically, but I found value in them as someone in the iron game. The podcasts range in topics and formats – they cover scientific principles of training, discuss the latest research in the field,  talk about the history of strength training, interview legends of the sport, and host Q&A’s.

I’ve included the YouTube links below, but they can also be found in popular podcast apps.

Stronger By Science

Stronger By Science is the online home for thinking lifters. Research-backed advice for getting stronger, leaner, and smarter in the gym.

Stronger by Science


Elitefts’s main purpose is to inform, educate and outfit powerlifters, athletes, strength coaches, personal trainers, gyms and training facilities around world.

elitefts blog

Mark Bell’s Power Project

Hosted by Mark Bell, inventor of the Sling Shot and World & American record holding professional powerlifter. Joined by Co-Hosts Nsima Inyang and Andrew Zaragoza, the crew covers topics ranging from Powerlifting, nutrition advice, life coaching and motivation. Join Mark on his journey to “Make the World a Better Place to Lift”.

Mark Bell

Iron Culture Podcast

Iron Culture was started by Eric Helms and Omar Isuf as a means of exploring the world of physical culture and attempting to distill a unified philosophy of lifting and to help listeners find greater meaning from the iron. The lifting community has become fractured over the last ~70 years and this Podcast will attempt to explore the fundamental threads that unite these different tribes.

The Podcast focuses on dispensing practical, useful information to the listener, bouncing from history, to philosophy, to contemporary lifting culture issues, to science. This can range from teaching the audience about lifting, programming, nutrition, supplements/PEDs and the history of lifting culture. 

The Absolute Strength Podcast

Evidence based fitness and nutrition information. Powerlifting and Flexible Dieting

Kyle Hunt Fitness Podcast

Barbell Medicine Podcast

Barbell Medicine is the vertical integration of medicine, lifestyle modification, and strength and conditioning. Preventative medicine is the future and by connecting with others, we can really make a difference. Thanks for tuning in!

Barbell Medicine

Data Driven Strength Podcast

Welcome to the Data Driven Strength Channel, where we discuss all things related to the science and practice of getting as big and strong as possible. We utilize our education, experience, and the available evidence to determine best practices for the everyday lifter.

Data Driven Strength

The Jeff Nippard Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to discussions and interviews with the fitness community’s best science-based coaches, researchers and elite level athletes.

Jeff Nippard

Revive Stronger

Revive Stronger delve deep into everything related to macros, bodybuilding and powerlifting. Talking to the brightest minds in the industry and dispensing world class knowledge to the public. 

Revive Stronger

Reactive Training Systems

Reactive Training Systems

Barbell Logic

Watch every single Barbell Logic Podcast episode right here. We discuss all-things-strength including nutrition, conditioning and the refining power of voluntary hardship.

Barbell Logic

Starting Strength Radio

Tune in for a basic talk-show format, no time limit show, with several topics every week that you can help suggest. Training will be just one facet of the discussion, with lots of other interesting things kicked around every week.

Here are a few of the things we’ll be talking about:
The future of women’s sports – Silly Bullshit from the fitness industry – Dumb things doctors say – The government and fitness – We will not be talking about sports – Rip’s Reviews: food, movies, things that interest Rip – People Rip likes – Music – Dogs – Machinery – Things you’d know if you’d actually read the books – The occasional video form check

Starting Strength

Strength Chat by Steven Cuthbert

Providing greater knowledge and content on all things powerlifting, strength training, muscle building and nutrition.

Coach Cuthbert

Inactive Podcasts

Here are some podcasts that have not been updated in months or years but still have value and are worth listening to.

Westside Barbell

For 30+ years Westside Barbell has been the leading innovator in human performance, strength and powerlifting techniques and methodology.

TSA The Strength Athlete

The Strength Athlete (TSA) stands for advocating and promoting participation in drug-free raw powerlifting as a means of self-improvement, both emotionally and physically. In providing online coaching services, TSA seeks to better powerlifters in a four-pronged, evidence-based approach addressing: training, nutrition, mobility, and affective regulation.

Big Three Radio by Dylan C Smith

Dylan found a love for strength training at the age of 14 and spent his teenage years reading and applying every bit of information he possibly could on the subject. Unfortunately, Dylan sustained a spinal injury due to improper coaching and had spinal surgery in 2007. Following surgery, Dylan began his quest toward full recovery including physical therapy and learning how to move properly. After graduating college with a degree in Kinesiology, Dylan embarked on a career as a Personal Trainer and taught professionally for the National Personal Training Institute.

Kabuki Strength

Kabuki Strength stands strongly on 4 pillars. We design, engineer, and manufacture innovative equipment, provide research-based education, world-class coaching services, and by giving back and serving others in our community.

Wenning Strength Podcast

Matt Wenning has a masters in biomechanics- and has broken multiple all time world records in powerlifting. He has had major contacts with armed forces units such as US Army rangers – 82nd Airborne and others. He currently has contracts with 4 fire departments in the Columbus OHIO area!!

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